A beautiful day begins with a positive mindset.

Welcome to the Mindset Mama. My name is Kayleigh Kennedy and I am so happy you are here.

Before becoming a parent, I suffered from anxiety. I was a very A-type personality and someone who was very scheduled and regimented. I would fill my calendar with activities, not all which served me. I was busy, I took on too much and I got burned out over and over again. When I would get burned out, my anxiety would kick in. This was a vicious cycle filled with negative self talk, a lack of confidence and feelings of not knowing my purpose, but knowing that I was made to do more.

I started diving into personal development in 2016 and fell in love. I swapped most of my fiction novels for personal development books, attended various seminars and conferences and started listening to more podcasts on personal growth. While I was pregnant, I decided to invest in a mindset coach. I had no idea how much that decision would impact my life.

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My transition to motherhood was so smooth, I almost couldn’t believe how well I adapted. I had very little stress and very little anxiety, this is something I used to fear when thinking of having a child. Early on, I adopted the mindset that it could be easy. I learned to let go of things outside of my personal control and trust that I knew what was best for me and for my baby. I did all this work in between my ears and it rippled out into a beautiful experience of growing as a person and as a mama.

I know that nothing can be easy and hard at the same time, so I chose to only adopt the belief that it would be easy. That doesn’t mean that I wasn’t challenged along the way, however, I used my tools to deal with challenges as they arose and let go of the rest. Focusing on being present and what I was in control of – my thoughts, feelings and actions.

A beautiful day begins with a positive mindset.